Day 2 of Money Challenge #1: $500 in 31 days

After a blast of Spring weather yesterday, today is back to cold and dreary Winter. This made me very productive in listing stuff to sell on Craigslist while watching a marathon of the show Community.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve listed the following items on Craigslist: 

  • gross BBQ grill (see post from yesterday)
  • media shelf that’s been sitting in the garage ever since The Beard (my husband) and I downsized our dvd collection.
  • a pair of candelabras that I have no idea why I own or how i got.
  • a set of very heavy cast iron window weights from our bathroom remodel because I’m an optimist.
  • an 8 jigsaw puzzle pack that I got as a gift and never opened.
  • a picnic basket with wine and cheese accessories that I’ve had for years but have never used.

I listed stuff for cheap with the aim to sell and get rid of it.

….And it’s working!!! 

I made ten buckaroos this morning!



That’s right. I got so excited about it that I decorated a special “money bag” to store my Money Challenge loot!

Now I keep refreshing my e-mail to see if I have any other buyers. Selling stuff is strangely addicting.

Day 2

Today’s gain: $10

Total amount accrued: $12.18

Left for the win: $487.82

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