Day 3 of Money Challenge #1, Part 2

To avoid breaking the chain of accruing cash to aid in my $500 goal, I kind of turned my dresser upside down to try to find loose change. And I looked on top of the washing machine. 

Together, my ventures provided me this modest loot: 



$0.53………I’m rollin’ in it. But at least i didn’t break the chain! Day 3 has some money buried in it after all!

Bonus for the foreign currency I found in my dresser: 



An Indian rupee….somehow in my dresser. A French franc….somehow in my dresser. And two small Canadian coins that fell out of a vending machine at my work. Look at me, I’m cultured!

Day 3…….oh my this is sad.

Today’s gain: $0.53

Total amount accrued: $12.71

Left for the win: $487.29

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