Day 6, Money Challenge #1: $500 in 31 days



Yes. It’s what it looks like. I found a nickel in the bathroom at work today. And since I knew that I likely wouldn’t be getting any money today since no one had contacted me about stuff on Craigslist and I have a yard project that I new would take up almost all evening, I did something a little gross. I took the nickel! Five cents the richer. 

Additionally, I sold a listing on ebay that I had listed the day before I started the challenge. I still can’t decide if I should count the earnings in with the challenge or not since I technically listed the item the day before the challenge but I’m getting the money after the challenge has started. Hmmm….either way, the buyer hasn’t paid for it yet so I can’t count it today anyway. Today, I made only 5 cents….which was found next to toilet paper in my work bathroom.

Day 6

Today’s gain: $.05

Total amount accrued: $52.76

Left for the win: $447.24

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