Day 5 of Money Challenge #2: Everyday Listing/Selling for 31 days – DEKA

Surely you’ve seen cutesy plastic mugs around ebay and etsy such as this one that I listed today:


They were widely massed produced in the late 70s and throughout the 80s with popular trademarked themes of the day that are now super nostalgic, such as Looney Tunes, Strawberry Shortcake, He-Man, Pac Man, Smurfs, etc.

And they were all produced by DEKA Plastics in the USA. The company was known for high quality plastic goods and their nostalgic mugs have stood the test of time, making them a great collector’s item and fairly easy to sell. You can find DEKA mugs in most thrift stores, buy them for 30 cents and resell them for $6 on ebay. Not a bad profit.

So I’ve listed my 1983 Looney Tunes DEKA plastic mug on ebay for $5.99.

It’s cute, right?




I grew up with a Sylvester doll from which I was inseparable. These nostalgic items speak to our Generation X or Generation Y childhood experiences. Maybe that’s why they’re pretty reliant best sellers.

Day 5

Listed thus far: Sarah Coventry brooch, vintage candelabra, Springer spaniel belt buckle, Cabela’s socks, Avon necklace, vintage ice cube tray, viking like candelabra, and vintage Looney Tunes DEKA plastic mug.

Total sold: $0

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