Day 8 of Money Challenge #2: Everyday Listing/Selling for 31 days – The Bon-Ton

It’s only been a week since I began this challenge and already I am sick of ebay! The process for listing items online can be so time consuming when you have to take photos, measure all sides and then draft a listing that markets the item. Oh, it’s exhausting on nights like tonight when I just want to curl up on the couch and drink beer and eat mac n’ cheese.

But alas! I listed something:


Two pairs of vintage buttery soft leather gloves from The Bon-Ton in York, PA. The Bon-Ton has a pretty rich American history so I’m hoping it will attract a buyer pretty effortlessly.

In other news, I sold my first item today! The Sarah Coventry brooch I listed on Day 1 sold for $3.49. Not bad, chap, not bad at all.

Day 8

Listed thus far: Sarah Coventry brooch, vintage candelabra, Springer spaniel belt buckle, Cabela’s socks, Avon necklace, vintage ice cube tray, viking like candelabra, and vintage Looney Tunes DEKA plastic mug, vintage knitting supplies, Vera scarf, The Bon-Ton vintage gloves, 

Total sold: $3.49

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