The Dog Days of a Fiscal Fast

A few days ago I declared a Fiscal Fast for 7 days.

I pretty much said it just like this:


It’s not much of a money challenge so I decided not to post it as such. It’s just that every once in a while – not often – a perfect storm ¬†between automatic withdrawal for bills and some kind of unexpected expense (or a series of!) arise to totally wipe out our checking account a week before payday.

It’s not that big a deal. All it means is that there is absolutely nothing allowed to come out of checking. Envelope monies are okay to use, when appropriate. But that’s it.

When people who don’t realize they’re poor find themselves in our temporary situation, they may transfer money from savings or whip out the credit card. But not us, not anymore. We fiscally fast our way through the rough patch.

Unfortunately I realized yesterday that Zelda the dog is almost out of dog food… almost completely out.


Now, we love our crazy pup. Although I’ll buy the off brand hot pockets for me and The Beard, Zelda gets only the best. She eats the gourmet, grain free, sensitive stomach, organic Blue Buffalo dog food. It’s only fair, really, since that’s all she gets to eat.

So tonight…this poor misunderstood girl…..had to eat some of the cat food. ¬†Luckily, she was thrilled at the change. And although I know cat food is not good for dogs, I think she’ll live for a few days on the stuff.

She’s not complaining.


Aw, the dog days of the fiscal fast. It’s actually quite liberating to know that you can’t spend out of the checking account. In fact, earlier today one of my favorite blogs Little House in the Suburbs posted a greatly discounted knitting pattern book that is right up my alley (20s 30s knit slouchy romance styles – oh my!) and I just had to shrug and pass at the deal. It felt pretty good. Maybe I’ll start declaring fiscal fasts more often.