Day 24 of Money Challenge #1: $500 in 31 days – Car Change

So I was sick yesterday and today I had to take our cat Basil to the vet because he’s sick. What I thought would be a 40 minute vet visit turned into a two and a half hour wait with a $200 bill and the jury is still out on what the hell’s wrong with my cat.

So, in a pinch to make some quick cash today, I searched the car. I haven’t cleaned my car out in about a year and knew there’d be some change lurking in underbelly of the cushions.

I was right.



Yep. Eighty-five cents the richer. Honestly, I expected more pennies.

Now I need to go check on my cat.

Day 24

Today’s gain: 0.85

Total amount accrued: $258.14

Left for the win: $241.86