Day 30 of Money Challenge #2: Everyday Listing/Selling for 31 days

I’m not quite sure where I dropped the ball and lost all motivation for this challenge. Goodness knows I have more than enough stuff lying around to try to sell. It just gets time consuming to find the item, take the photos, upload them to the computer, take measurements of the item, draft the listing, edit the listing and SELL!

I certainly underestimated how much this challenge would wipe me out.  I’m grateful that tomorrow’s the last day so I can move on.

I haven’t sold much at all. But I some guy  in Brazil decided to buy my Cabela’s socks:


I’d bought them at Goodwill for $2 and sold them on ebay for $6 since they retail for about $20. My only downfall with this sale was in the shipping costs. I estimated international shipping at around $12. Apparently it’s more like $17. So I lost out on any kind of profit from this sale.

I basically just donated nice socks to some Brazilian dude.

Day 30

Listed thus far: Sarah Coventry brooch, vintage candelabra, Springer spaniel belt buckle, Cabela’s socks, Avon necklace, vintage ice cube tray, viking like candelabra, and vintage Looney Tunes DEKA plastic mug, vintage knitting supplies, Vera scarf, The Bon-Ton vintage gloves, vintage leather cloak, 

Total sold: $89.49