The Craigslist Curse is Upon Me

I’ve still not sold anything from my previous Craigslist listings. Nobody has even sent me an e-mail asking about the items! ┬áThis is crazy. I usually get to list things knowing that about an hour later, I’ll have at least 5 e-mails asking about the goods. So far….nothing.

So I’ve decided to list more in an effort to list my way out of this Craigslist curse. I need to sell something!


Like this vintage Pyrex bowl in the popular folksy Friendship pattern. I think I got it at a thrift store for around $5, which is a little high for purchase with intent to resell. So I listed it on Craigslist for $15. It’s in really great condition so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

IMG_1093IMG_1094┬áThis one’s kind of a stretch. I bought this for a couple of bucks at a thrift store, of course. I was in the early stages of planning my wedding celebration and was still at the point of thinking it may be ritzy. I got over that pretty quick. So it’s just been sitting around in the closet ever since. I’m hoping to get around $10 for it but we shall see.


Next up is this adorable vintage 60s cannister set by WestBend. I’m asking $15 for it.

So now I have 6 listings up on CL and no one is interested! Maybe everyone is busy watching The World Cup…